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Aurora Consurgens (2006)
Song [10] Video Rating
The Course of Naturevideoklip2.9
The Voice Commanding Youvideoklip2.8
Ego Painted Greyvideoklip3.1
Breaking Tiesvideoklip2.9
Salvation: Suicidevideoklip3
Window to Nowherevideoklip2.8
So Near So Farvideoklip3
Passing Byvideoklip3
Scream Your Heart Outvideoklip2.8
Abandoned Fate2.8
Temple of Shadows (2004)
Song [13] Video Rating
Deus Le Volt0
Spread Your Fire2.9
Angels and Deamonsvideoklip2.9
Waiting Silencevideoklip2.9
Wishing Wellvideoklip2.8
Temple of Hatevideoklip3.1
Shadow Huntervideoklip3
No Pain for the Deadvideoklip3
Winds of Destination2.9
Sprouts of Time3
Morning Starvideoklip2.9
Late Redemption3
Gate XIII [Bonus Track]2.8
Hunters and Prey (2002)
Song [8] Video Rating
Live And Learnvideoklip3.1
Bleeding Heartvideoklip2.9
Hunters And Preyvideoklip3
Eyes Of Christvideoklip2.9
Rebirth [acoustic]videoklip3.1
Heroes Of Sand [acoustic]videoklip2.9
Caça e Caçadorvideoklip3.1
Rebith (2001)
Song [10] Video Rating
In Excelsis0.1
Nova Eravideoklip3
Millennium Sunvideoklip2.9
Acid Rainvideoklip3.4
Heroes Of Sand3
Unholy Wars (Part I - Imperial Crown / Part II - The Forgiven Return)2.8
Judgement Dayvideoklip3
Running Alonevideoklip3
Visions Preludevideoklip3.1
Fireworks (1998)
Song [10] Video Rating
Wings Of Realityvideoklip3
Petrified Eyes3
Metal Icarus3.1
Mystery Machine2.9
Extreme Dreamvideoklip3
Gentle Changevideoklip2.9
Acoustic...and more (1998)
Song [7] Video Rating
Angels Cryvideoklip2.8
Chega de Saudade0.1
Never Understandvideoklip2.7
Evil Warningvideoklip2.8
Angels Cry0
Carry Onvideoklip2.7
Wuthering Heightsvideoklip2.9
Freedom Call (1996)
Song [8] Video Rating
Freedom Call [previously unreleased]2.8
Queen Of The Night [re-recorded]2.7
Reaching Horizons [re-recorded]2.8
Stand Away [orchestral version]2.8
Painkiller [Judas Priest cover]videoklip3.2
Deep Blue [edited version]2.9
Angels Cry [Brazilian Bonus Tracks - acoustic live at FNAC, France]2.5
Never Understand [ Brazilian Bonus Tracks - acoustic live at FNAC, France]2.4
Holy Land (1996)
Song [11] Video Rating
Nothing To Sayvideoklip2.9
Silence And Distance2.7
Carolina IVvideoklip2.8
Holy Landvideoklip3.2
The Shamanvideoklip2.8
Make Believevideoklip2.9
Deep Blue2.9
Lullaby For Lucifervideoklip2.8
Queen Of The Night [bonus]videoklip2.8
Live Acoustic At FNAC (1995)
Song [3] Video Rating
Angels Cryvideoklip2.6
Chega de Saudade0
Never Understandvideoklip2.6
Evil Warning (1994)
Song [4] Video Rating
Evil Warning [1994 version]2.5
Angels Cry [1994 version]2.5
Carry On [1994 version]videoklip2.6
Wuthering Heights [edit]2.6
Angels Cry (1993)
Song [10] Video Rating
Unfinished Allegro [instrumental]0
Carry Onvideoklip2.9
Angels Cryvideoklip2.7
Stand Awayvideoklip2.8
Never Understandvideoklip2.8
Wuthering Heights [Kate Bush cover]videoklip2.9
Streets of Tomorrow2.7
Evil Warningvideoklip2.8
Lasting Child (Part I - The Parting Words / Part II - Renaissance)videoklip2.7

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